Y, and now hardly

Y, and now hardly Never for all history people lived so separately.

Once we led full life, near people, dear to us, whom could reach peshk.

y, and now hardly we can keep a family from threefour?


The selfsacrifice, care of interests of relatives before the all this, almost completely disappeared.

And after all this most important that is necessary concerning selfconfident adults to children, completely dependent on them.

All of us learned too big victims: mothers of the fiftieth, whose intelligence and creative activity were for nothing dissipated as a result of restriction of their roles, and the fathers who ruined health neposilnkhm work because considered that the role of the father only in volume tri consists to provide a family for %.

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I went to kitchen, and we with

I went to kitchen, and we with I will be in kitchen, when you will understand.

I went to kitchen, and we with the husband with astonishment to a sl shawls their discussion.

In five minutes they entered also told: Alternative to punishment We came to the decision!

Josh will put on jacket in restaurant and when we leave restaurant also we will go for fair, I will put on it, and Josh will put on my new yellow jacket!

The last history narrates about the boy, which faced a problem how to master the sil ny feelings: Scott eight years had a problem he not knew how to get rid of rage.

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If mothers

If mothers The true reason of neglect, disrespect, a nedovekriya to the spouse it is possible to see on behavior of the child of this or that floor.

If mothers help with a family where parents are divorced, boys, try to be otvetstvenkny, it is possible to tell that the reason of disintegration of the relations, the person who struck blow, the husband, the bezotkvetstvenny man is.

After all the boy scoops respect for the father, aspiration to develop male qualities in mother's heart.

In other words, mother gives the positive attitude towards the father belief: if the son develops the best qualities which are owned by his father, he will be able to receive the same trust and respect, love for which strives.

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About also

About also Allow boys to feel and express feelings.

About also speak to their nimayta: Yes, it is very sad, when they a skucha yut on the left friend or when the pet dies.

We want that men were capable of feelings therefore that they will be more flexible and less lonely.

Boys wasp benno like to talk when are engaged kakimto in business.

Accustom them to carry out household chores together with va mi that they could chat about last day.

Girls, as the rule, boys and men speak more directly, but!

love to talk by the way when chtoto do.

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How it is better? or If you once

How it is better? or If you once How it is better?

or If you once again throw sand, we should go to wash.

Think of it, I is serious; unexpected punishment without preliminary to a preduprezhda niya Well, all.

I take away you home does not give to the child of chance to change behavior; say only that you mean because to you, a cart it is possible, it is necessary to cope with consequences for exclude niy cases when you know that your sanction is unreasonable and it would be cruel to impose it; artificial consequences have to be proportional to offense.

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