CHAPTER SPOUSES From a year to two years the child acquires that such selfchecking.

But the child can learn selfchecking only thanks to the resolution of the loving person dear to it.

about discipline.

CHAPTER SPOUSES AS EMPLOYEES Three families learn to find golden mean The situation in each family is unique, but nevertheless it is useful to listen to stories of others, to learn, what choice they made and that from this left.

We interrogated a number of the British families how they cope with a problem of a combination of work and a family .

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Get from

Get from Right hand take yourself for the left ear and at the same time vysun language.

Get from under a table the handle, put it in a table box under a notebook.

Results and recommendations Heavy underdevelopment of the speech or alaliya absence of the speech.

Speeches at the child it is few or there is short from words grammatical not properly executed phrase, with the admission of words which can be replaced with gestures.

Words child says extremely illegibly, distorting them to unrecognizability.

In it case it is necessary to address to the logopedist having experience with it urgently violation or to define the child in logopedic kindergarten, in group for children with the general underdevelopment of the speech.

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The reasons

The reasons Many children in a cart raising four years and is more senior urinate in a bed from time to time.

Encourage dry nights, praising the child in these cases, and bottoms be thawed to find out, whether the incontience kakimito loss is caused seniye or changes of the mode.

The reasons are not always sometimes it occurs just like that.

Healthy sleep Nightmares and nightmares I still in all details remember nightmares, which dreamed me in the early childhood.

They me awfully frightened.

David P.

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In the following

In the following Often children need a praise while we are least of all adjusted to give it if they do not do something is especially good.

In the following two examples you will see the parents who appeared in complicated about stoyatelstvo.

Last year in the third class at Lisa was very badly with calligraphy.

The teacher speak la to me about it.

I felt as if it me is criticized.

I began every evening decrees to vat to Lisa how she carelessly writes and as plo ho her letters are made.

Wrote some months later Lisa zapis ku to the teacher of how she is pleasant to her.

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Direct purpose: to connect

Direct purpose: to connect Letters from rough paper Material: letters are cut out from rough paper and pasted on wooden plates, vowels on blue, concordant on a red background.

Direct purpose: to connect a form of letters with their sounding.

Indirect purpose: preparation for the letter.

Age: about three years.

How to work with material.

The teacher chooses letters, strongly excellent in a form and sounding.

The prerequisite for occupations with letters is ability of the child to hear and allocate separate sounds in the whole word.

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