You will

You will Cheryl Walter, chief of research and strategic department National association of foster homes Approach.

You will help the child to feel that he Yim et a vote at least in some aspects of life, having taken care of, that a new family as group regularly discussed that members concerning the everyday feel it events in family life see.

Discussions, family poryad ki also governed.

Even the kid can help to tell that to him it is pleasant and that is not pleasant when the family has breakfast or pospesh but gathers in the morning etc.

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This gift

This gift And the only value of this mistake remains only in emphasizing that experience which it gave which is endured to avoid such mistake in the future.

This gift we protect children from very great emotional difficulties and difficulties in the relations which are caused, in particular, by a low selfassessment and selfpunishment.

The child who throughout a long time receives the message from adults that with it something not so, it unworthy, it is inadequate, in further life can itself start thinking out to himself the principles of punishment.

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Having got used

Having got used Rubdown is allowed by water in which it is previously dissolved sea salt, pine extract and so forth.

Water temperature gradually sni it zhatsya to °.

It is best of all to do rubdowns in the same hours, then they turn into a habit.

Having got used to rubdown, pass to more effective protsedu re to douche.

For acceptance of procedure become in the basin or a bathtub filled tep ly water.

Having gathered water in a jug, it is necessary to pour out slowly it, directing stream on a back from a neck, and then up to a breast and to a stomach.

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Naprimer:. You actually

Naprimer:. You actually How we help them to feel well?

Accepting their feelings!

Problem parents usually do not understand chuv stvo of the children.


You actually chuv you stvut absolutely another, You tell it, therefore that you were tired, There is no reason, that so races to straivatsya.

Continuous denial of feelings can bring down re the benka from sense and to enrage it.

It also teaches them not to understand the feelings and not to trust them.

I remember that after meeting I thought: Perhaps other parents and arrive.

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But process

But process It is vital substance: it is not enough and the organism dies away and dies, it is too much and the person, most likely, will endure a serious stress.

At first degree of a stress could be measured only on blood test.

But process of a capture of blood on the analysis stressful procedure therefore results were far from what could be trusted.

Now, be you the baby or the veteran of war, it is possible to track a stressful state step by step.

The test for so sensitive cortisol and fastfeasible that it is possible even to trace its positive impact on an organism at an enclasping or a smile.

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