Important They also began to understand that sometimes the fault laid down on corporate public system which did harm to families and deprived of people of a real choice.

Important public actions in support of flexible hours of work, guarantees of preservation of a workplace, an adequate leave allowance for care of the child gradually led to that young parents had a choice between full time and full implementation of parental responsibilities.

More advanced countries, such as Sweden and Germany, responded to these problems, having provided more help to families and conditions for flexible hours of work to support young parents in their any choice.

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Floor. Yes, with

Floor. Yes, with He warned: The father, it will not be pleasant to you.


Well, let's look, Paul.

Here your sheet progress.

How it to you?


Wait, you did not see mathematics yet.


Now I look not at mathematics.

Give nach it is mute from above.

You have a four on reading.


Yes, with reading everything is all right.


I I see the four on calligraphy, and at you there were many problems with it.

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The most

The most In this sense the most important resource which children need are a communication with parents.

The most vazhkny that is necessary for children is to spend with them time.

Therefore parents need to leave computer games and more deeply to plunge into that occupies the child.

It is called as method of application or imposing when the attending physician at first tries to come in soprik !

the kosnoveniye with taste of happiness, with a problem or sostoyakniy the patient and itself helps it to rise then to the highest happiness.

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There are three

There are three Here that, as for a basis of happiness and tranquillity of the girl who should wait.

But the most important to experience, catch that mood more deeply, as if the girl wanted to feel in the presence of that person who would be her soulmate, would be her soulmate.

There are three criteria, whether on which the man the loved one is defined, is or not.

One of criteria is that the girl does not want anything to change in the life.

She understands that the most important, the most significant, it to keep itself such how to eat and open itself even more.

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Calling, and it was the young

Calling, and it was the young I was absolutely young psychologist when one morning at my office at o'clock in the morning phone call was distributed.

Calling, and it was the young woman, cried.

At first I could not even understand who is she.

But then sorted that she too the social worker and quite recently became the boy's mother.

She called from the office.

It was its first working day after fourmonths holiday on care of the newborn, and the young woman was strongly upset.

It just, for the first time, left the boy in a day nursery in two miles from work.

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