Encourage Encourage positive behavior.

I do not believe that the child should give that to him not it is pleasant, because when we discuss with adults their memories of food, they in accuracy remember even a pattern on wallpaper in the room where they were forced to eat the pea mashed potatoes, liver and so on.

It is so unpleasant also it is useless why in general to force?

Dr Gillian Harris, clinical expert on problems of baby food Words about a diet Dr Gillian Harris, clinical specialist in problems baby food In our country all are so mad about healthy food that go razdo Izz of food, than Izz an overeating worries more often.

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In interview

In interview In reports of team of Penelope Lich it was reported that at yaselny children aged about one year the high level of aggression is observed, they are more closed, often long.

In interview for one newspaper doctor Lich told that social and emotional development of children when they are not looked after by mothers, definitely lower.

Researchers under the direction of P.

Lich also compared quality of care of children out of a day nursery and found out that the babysitters, nurses which are looking after children at home grandmothers, relatives and friends care of children better, than a day nursery, but is worse, than own parents.

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With another

With another As they small and inexperienced, we owe a lot of things to do for them, to speak and show them.

With another hundred Rhone, dependence on us can bring to hostilely st.

Whether it is possible to minimize dependence somehow children from us?

There are some ways to help them to become the responsible people capable being selfnecessary to live telno?

Fortunately, chances are represented every day to encourage independence of children.

Here some wasp benny skills which can help children to believe sya on itself, but not on us.

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In education

In education We wait from the man and the woman of performance of their type of duties.

Besides, performance of others duties dangerously.

In education of the boy without father very important mood, internal state, behavior of the left woman.

The worst of options if in it the anger prevails.

First of all it is necessary to tell that the anger of the woman is especially dangerous.

The woman does not realize it as the anger takes the form of deep offense.

And to return benevolence that to the child to help to come to contact with the nature of the father, the woman needs to share emotions of anger with the person who has the power for this purpose, compassion, opportunity to absorb these emotions.

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On one of seminars

On one of seminars You ungrateful, you have to be grateful that already you have.

How you can want more?

But the healthy person is grateful for that has, but thus does not see problems in wanting more at all.

Therefore inability to ask without around yes near, prevents women to receive that they, eventually, want.

On one of seminars the wellknown psychologist led discussion that we have to learn to speak about the desires adequately.

And suddenly mother of this psychologist who was present there, in most, it is possible to tell, a lecture heat, having heard it, rose, having turned pale, and left the hall.

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Y, and now hardly

Y, and now hardly Never for all history people lived so separately.

Once we led full life, near people, dear to us, whom could reach peshk.

y, and now hardly we can keep a family from threefour?


The selfsacrifice, care of interests of relatives before the all this, almost completely disappeared.

And after all this most important that is necessary concerning selfconfident adults to children, completely dependent on them.

All of us learned too big victims: mothers of the fiftieth, whose intelligence and creative activity were for nothing dissipated as a result of restriction of their roles, and the fathers who ruined health neposilnkhm work because considered that the role of the father only in volume tri consists to provide a family for %.

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