Progovari + the letter A has a daughter and.


+ Find in the newspaper four words with letter and, lead round this word, vyrezh on a contour also paste in balls.

Balls can be painted over.


+ Get up in front of the mirror.

Progovari Wai of O, I, pay attention to lips.

+ Listen and repeat: oh, io, iio.

+ How many time is heard About: qq, io, aiya?

+ How many time is heard And: ai, AI, io?

+ we Print into the account of times!

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As your kid will

As your kid will As your kid will become is more selfassured more to trust you, he will begin to spend with pleasure kakoyeto time alone, physically separately from you, and thus not to a Torah to vozhitsya.

It is important for its emotional development and will help you it is better for both to cope with situations when phone calls or on a plate water boils and you are compelled to put ego.

That the child grew the happy In infancy the main thing to satisfy requirements the kid, but time when the kid is will come later to be awake and thus not to need in any the practical help when it is able simply naslazh to be given by rest.

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In general, the person

In general, the person Some deep memoirs from antecedents too take place.

It is socalled love at first sight, which actually quite dangerous thing.

In general, the person can possess all twenty six qualities of the Saint personality and thus at all not suit you and not to be harmonious in the relations with you most.

Therefore the best criterion, the most unconditional, easy, beautiful, powerful, effective is to understand, blindly, as if you wanted to feel near that person who is dearest and close, the most significant, the most important in your life?

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