For example, if two children

For example, if two children And, feeling this simplification, the child right there calms down.

Emotional ventilation In a family there is a certain system emotsional ache ventilation.

The child, naturally, worries luxury tivny emotions, facing some obstacles communication.

For example, if two children in a family want to play with the same toy, one child will test by all means anger because from it took away this toy because protect the younger and give it the best opportunities to play with what he wants.

But thus the child still is under pressure of emotions of parents.

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You will

You will Cheryl Walter, chief of research and strategic department National association of foster homes Approach.

You will help the child to feel that he Yim et a vote at least in some aspects of life, having taken care of, that a new family as group regularly discussed that members concerning the everyday feel it events in family life see.

Discussions, family poryad ki also governed.

Even the kid can help to tell that to him it is pleasant and that is not pleasant when the family has breakfast or pospesh but gathers in the morning etc.

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This gift

This gift And the only value of this mistake remains only in emphasizing that experience which it gave which is endured to avoid such mistake in the future.

This gift we protect children from very great emotional difficulties and difficulties in the relations which are caused, in particular, by a low selfassessment and selfpunishment.

The child who throughout a long time receives the message from adults that with it something not so, it unworthy, it is inadequate, in further life can itself start thinking out to himself the principles of punishment.

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