If you will

If you will The defender's task to watch very attentively in time to return a ball.

Speak to the child: Let's play soccer.

Choose, what color of a collar you will protect: red or blue.

In the left lower to corner there is a ball.

After the start team I will speak to you where the ball departed.

Watch closely it very much!

As only the ball will appear in your gate, clap.

If you will manage to slap in time, so you caught a ball and Saviour the gate from a goal.

Now your turn to try to score a goal in my gate.

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That is the child

That is the child Exercise similar previous, but only various dey stviye need to be made not only with the child's hands, but also with the head, shoulders, top part of a trunk.

That is the child it is possible to incline, straighten, in any way to develop and raska to chivat, turn his head to the right or to the left and to think out any actions with it.

Surely watch, that at it there was no counteraction, muscles of the child have to be as wadded.

When you put to the child speech breath and a voice, watch, that on occupations it had no muscular clips and tension, eliminate them with those ways which were described here.

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Perhaps Call to mother of his friend with a question why your son did not include in the list state ty, will not resolve a situation.

On both of you.

It is necessary to discuss everything.

If morning disputes lead to that you are late for work, and the child in school, both of you need to think how to facilitate a situ tion.

Perhaps you could prepare to it odezh in advance du if he agrees to put on independently.

Life is imperfect I do not agree that every minute, every second it is necessary to concentrate on the child.

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