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Encourage positive behavior.I do not believe that the child should give that to him not it is pleasant, because when we discuss with adults their memories of food, they in accuracy remember even a pattern on wallpaper in the room where they were forced to eat the pea mashed potatoes, liver and so on.It is so unpleasant also it is useless why in general to force?Dr Gillian Harris, clinical expert on problems of baby food Words about a diet Dr Gillian Harris, clinical specialist in problems baby food In our country all are so mad about healthy food that go razdo Izz of food, than Izz an overeating worries more often.

In interview

In reports of team of Penelope Lich it was reported that at yaselny children aged about one year the high level of aggression is observed, they are more closed, often long.In interview for one newspaper doctor Lich told that social and emotional development of children when they are not looked after by mothers, definitely lower.Researchers under the direction of P.Lich also compared quality of care of children out of a day nursery and found out that the babysitters, nurses which are looking after children at home grandmothers, relatives and friends care of children better, than a day nursery, but is worse, than own parents.

With another

As they small and inexperienced, we owe a lot of things to do for them, to speak and show them.With another hundred Rhone, dependence on us can bring to hostilely st.Whether it is possible to minimize dependence somehow children from us?There are some ways to help them to become the responsible people capable being selfnecessary to live telno?Fortunately, chances are represented every day to encourage independence of children.Here some wasp benny skills which can help children to believe sya on itself, but not on us.

In education

We wait from the man and the woman of performance of their type of duties.Besides, performance of others duties dangerously.In education of the boy without father very important mood, internal state, behavior of the left woman.The worst of options if in it the anger prevails.First of all it is necessary to tell that the anger of the woman is especially dangerous.The woman does not realize it as the anger takes the form of deep offense.And to return benevolence that to the child to help to come to contact with the nature of the father, the woman needs to share emotions of anger with the person who has the power for this purpose, compassion, opportunity to absorb these emotions.

On one of seminars

You ungrateful, you have to be grateful that already you have.How you can want more?But the healthy person is grateful for that has, but thus does not see problems in wanting more at all.Therefore inability to ask without around yes near, prevents women to receive that they, eventually, want.On one of seminars the wellknown psychologist led discussion that we have to learn to speak about the desires adequately.And suddenly mother of this psychologist who was present there, in most, it is possible to tell, a lecture heat, having heard it, rose, having turned pale, and left the hall.

Y, and now hardly

Never for all history people lived so separately.Once we led full life, near people, dear to us, whom could reach peshk.y, and now hardly we can keep a family from threefour?person.The selfsacrifice, care of interests of relatives before the all this, almost completely disappeared.And after all this most important that is necessary concerning selfconfident adults to children, completely dependent on them.All of us learned too big victims: mothers of the fiftieth, whose intelligence and creative activity were for nothing dissipated as a result of restriction of their roles, and the fathers who ruined health neposilnkhm work because considered that the role of the father only in volume tri consists to provide a family for %.

I went to kitchen, and we with

I will be in kitchen, when you will understand.I went to kitchen, and we with the husband with astonishment to a sl shawls their discussion.In five minutes they entered also told: Alternative to punishment We came to the decision!Josh will put on jacket in restaurant and when we leave restaurant also we will go for fair, I will put on it, and Josh will put on my new yellow jacket!The last history narrates about the boy, which faced a problem how to master the sil ny feelings: Scott eight years had a problem he not knew how to get rid of rage.

If mothers

The true reason of neglect, disrespect, a nedovekriya to the spouse it is possible to see on behavior of the child of this or that floor.If mothers help with a family where parents are divorced, boys, try to be otvetstvenkny, it is possible to tell that the reason of disintegration of the relations, the person who struck blow, the husband, the bezotkvetstvenny man is.After all the boy scoops respect for the father, aspiration to develop male qualities in mother's heart.In other words, mother gives the positive attitude towards the father belief: if the son develops the best qualities which are owned by his father, he will be able to receive the same trust and respect, love for which strives.

About also

Allow boys to feel and express feelings.About also speak to their nimayta: Yes, it is very sad, when they a skucha yut on the left friend or when the pet dies.We want that men were capable of feelings therefore that they will be more flexible and less lonely.Boys wasp benno like to talk when are engaged kakimto in business.Accustom them to carry out household chores together with va mi that they could chat about last day.Girls, as the rule, boys and men speak more directly, but!love to talk by the way when chtoto do.

How it is better? or If you once

How it is better?or If you once again throw sand, we should go to wash.Think of it, I is serious; unexpected punishment without preliminary to a preduprezhda niya Well, all.I take away you home does not give to the child of chance to change behavior; say only that you mean because to you, a cart it is possible, it is necessary to cope with consequences for exclude niy cases when you know that your sanction is unreasonable and it would be cruel to impose it; artificial consequences have to be proportional to offense.

It is heard

It is heard the sound reminding South Russian or the Ukrainian sound of .Spo statement soba II, III, IV.The sound l can be replaced with the correct soft sound l'.Way statements V.It can be replaced with a sound and.Ways of statement II, III, IV.Very seldom the sound l is replaced with the correct sound r.Ways statements I, III, IV.The sound can be replaced grassiruyushchy r.Ways of statement III, IV.The sound l can be said mezhzubno, language thus vysovy it is howled between teeth and touches or upper teeth, or to to upper lip.

Quiet children, on the contrary, showed

Not contact children of the house were hnykayushchy, prilipchivy, suffered from bigger sincere anguish with a pressure upon them.They suppressed in themselves expectation of maternal warmth and behaved so as if interested nothing them, but were very suppressed.Quiet children, on the contrary, showed more cheerfulness, persistence, activity when training less disappointment.They showed more delights, they laughed, smiled and shared joyful feelings with mothers.The strong and reliable communication with parents distinguished quiet children, on the contrary, not contact children were deprived of parental heat, and it was shown in their personality.

What is such? Zvukarik

How to warn so cha the sty mistakes by the letter which are directly following from not formation, backwardness of a fonetikofonem the tichesky party of the speech at the preschool child?You will be able to find answers to these questions in Zva Carrick.What is such?Zvukarik it and a workbook for the child, and a posobiyepomoshchnik for adults fathers and mothers, oh bushka and grandfathers, teachers, tutors and Hoover nyor.Basis of Zvukarik, its main objective a form rovaniye of the fonetikofonematichesky party of the speech re byonkadoshkolnik through skill of the sound alphabetic analysis of words.

Actually, in the person

Usually people who found this skill to Correct themselves and to change the perception, the train of thought, the relation and the behavior, are the Most successful in the life.Person, which is able to draw conclusions from the mistakes, it is possible to tell, it is doomed to success.Actually, in the person tendency is naturally put, it is possible to tell, such chip of mentality automatically to samousovershenstvovatsya if he made a mistake.The main reason why adults or children of it do not do, consists that they do not feel safe, that is, do not feel that them forgive, do not feel round themselves the atmosphere of safety for recognition of the mistake.

Both parties

Obviously, they did not correspond to that its university actually whole branch wanted to receive from it.Split among researchers was reflected in society.Unknown of war of mothers pointed to the huge philosophical conflict of values which caused fermentations in minds.Women have to be free told one.And how to be with children?questioned others.Both parties called each other by the unflattering names.Parents, and also experts became dissatisfied with the developed delimitation soon and began searches of golden mean.


From a year to two years the child acquires that such selfchecking.But the child can learn selfchecking only thanks to the resolution of the loving person dear to it.about discipline.CHAPTER SPOUSES AS EMPLOYEES Three families learn to find golden mean The situation in each family is unique, but nevertheless it is useful to listen to stories of others, to learn, what choice they made and that from this left.We interrogated a number of the British families how they cope with a problem of a combination of work and a family .

Get from

Right hand take yourself for the left ear and at the same time vysun language.Get from under a table the handle, put it in a table box under a notebook.Results and recommendations Heavy underdevelopment of the speech or alaliya absence of the speech.Speeches at the child it is few or there is short from words grammatical not properly executed phrase, with the admission of words which can be replaced with gestures.Words child says extremely illegibly, distorting them to unrecognizability.In it case it is necessary to address to the logopedist having experience with it urgently violation or to define the child in logopedic kindergarten, in group for children with the general underdevelopment of the speech.

The reasons

Many children in a cart raising four years and is more senior urinate in a bed from time to time.Encourage dry nights, praising the child in these cases, and bottoms be thawed to find out, whether the incontience kakimito loss is caused seniye or changes of the mode.The reasons are not always sometimes it occurs just like that.Healthy sleep Nightmares and nightmares I still in all details remember nightmares, which dreamed me in the early childhood.They me awfully frightened.David P.

In the following

Often children need a praise while we are least of all adjusted to give it if they do not do something is especially good.In the following two examples you will see the parents who appeared in complicated about stoyatelstvo.Last year in the third class at Lisa was very badly with calligraphy.The teacher speak la to me about it.I felt as if it me is criticized.I began every evening decrees to vat to Lisa how she carelessly writes and as plo ho her letters are made.Wrote some months later Lisa zapis ku to the teacher of how she is pleasant to her.

Direct purpose: to connect

Letters from rough paper Material: letters are cut out from rough paper and pasted on wooden plates, vowels on blue, concordant on a red background.Direct purpose: to connect a form of letters with their sounding.Indirect purpose: preparation for the letter.Age: about three years.How to work with material.The teacher chooses letters, strongly excellent in a form and sounding.The prerequisite for occupations with letters is ability of the child to hear and allocate separate sounds in the whole word.

Danger of loss

Danger of loss of communication with the desires In what the biggest danger of what the child will lose touch with the desires?Full, absolute freedom allows to wish to the person from the big list of opportunities, realizing their wide choice, to find that desire, that taste of happiness, which corresponds to its nature, its experience of life, its way, a movement trajectory towards selfunderstanding and development.Unfortunately, too often children hear reproaches that they bad, indulged, selfish if they ask more or if they are afflicted, without having received the desirable.

Your book

in the life.Your book gave me practical means, a cat ry I so desperately looked for.I do not know, as if to me Uda the elk to cope with offense and rage of my nineyearold How to speak that children listened.the son concerning my divorce with his father, if I not read How to speak..Here absolutely recent example: having spent day with the father, Tommie came back home in bad mood, therefore that the father called him numskull.Huge will power was required not to pour dirt my former and not to tell Tommie that it him father numskull.

To choose

If you think beforehand, considering all options, to you will cope easier quietly with the worst moments in life of your child.To choose strategy to discipline rovaniya which best of all approaches yours an obstoyatel to stvo, also easier if you consider some factors.Understand a difference between discipline and punishment The discipline is investment.She teaches children that they made incorrectly, what consequences of their behavior and as they can change it.Thus, it way stvut them to understanding of that from them it is expected and rest mu.


STATEMENT OF THE SOUND AND WITH THE MECHANICAL HELP You need the wooden pallet or replacing its lengths ny, flat subject.Let the child will lower a language tip to the lower cutters, will smile and will slightly open a mouth so that the pallet could enter it.In such situation it has to pull a sound and.You press shpa tel on a tip of language of the child and slowly advance it in depth mouth, will not hear a sound yet and.In this position detain language.

For example, if two children

And, feeling this simplification, the child right there calms down.Emotional ventilation In a family there is a certain system emotsional ache ventilation.The child, naturally, worries luxury tivny emotions, facing some obstacles communication.For example, if two children in a family want to play with the same toy, one child will test by all means anger because from it took away this toy because protect the younger and give it the best opportunities to play with what he wants.But thus the child still is under pressure of emotions of parents.

You will

Cheryl Walter, chief of research and strategic department National association of foster homes Approach.You will help the child to feel that he Yim et a vote at least in some aspects of life, having taken care of, that a new family as group regularly discussed that members concerning the everyday feel it events in family life see.Discussions, family poryad ki also governed.Even the kid can help to tell that to him it is pleasant and that is not pleasant when the family has breakfast or pospesh but gathers in the morning etc.

This gift

And the only value of this mistake remains only in emphasizing that experience which it gave which is endured to avoid such mistake in the future.This gift we protect children from very great emotional difficulties and difficulties in the relations which are caused, in particular, by a low selfassessment and selfpunishment.The child who throughout a long time receives the message from adults that with it something not so, it unworthy, it is inadequate, in further life can itself start thinking out to himself the principles of punishment.

Having got used

Rubdown is allowed by water in which it is previously dissolved sea salt, pine extract and so forth.Water temperature gradually sni it zhatsya to °.It is best of all to do rubdowns in the same hours, then they turn into a habit.Having got used to rubdown, pass to more effective protsedu re to douche.For acceptance of procedure become in the basin or a bathtub filled tep ly water.Having gathered water in a jug, it is necessary to pour out slowly it, directing stream on a back from a neck, and then up to a breast and to a stomach.

Naprimer:. You actually

But process

It is vital substance: it is not enough and the organism dies away and dies, it is too much and the person, most likely, will endure a serious stress.At first degree of a stress could be measured only on blood test.But process of a capture of blood on the analysis stressful procedure therefore results were far from what could be trusted.Now, be you the baby or the veteran of war, it is possible to track a stressful state step by step.The test for so sensitive cortisol and fastfeasible that it is possible even to trace its positive impact on an organism at an enclasping or a smile.


It has the huge value.Parents can help and that know how their child better perceives knowledge but to share it they can only when with learn the relations tel good and adjusted.Professor Catherine Riley, director of the Center of management of education, Rekhemptonsky institute Develop your diplomatic abilities.If you on get on the relations with school and teachers, will be able to learn more how study of the child that moves ahead is not enough for it, and your opinion will also be considered, and your contribution will be able to become more effective.

If you will

The defender's task to watch very attentively in time to return a ball.Speak to the child: Let's play soccer.Choose, what color of a collar you will protect: red or blue.In the left lower to corner there is a ball.After the start team I will speak to you where the ball departed.Watch closely it very much!As only the ball will appear in your gate, clap.If you will manage to slap in time, so you caught a ball and Saviour the gate from a goal.Now your turn to try to score a goal in my gate.

That is the child

Exercise similar previous, but only various dey stviye need to be made not only with the child's hands, but also with the head, shoulders, top part of a trunk.That is the child it is possible to incline, straighten, in any way to develop and raska to chivat, turn his head to the right or to the left and to think out any actions with it.Surely watch, that at it there was no counteraction, muscles of the child have to be as wadded.When you put to the child speech breath and a voice, watch, that on occupations it had no muscular clips and tension, eliminate them with those ways which were described here.


Call to mother of his friend with a question why your son did not include in the list state ty, will not resolve a situation.On both of you.It is necessary to discuss everything.If morning disputes lead to that you are late for work, and the child in school, both of you need to think how to facilitate a situ tion.Perhaps you could prepare to it odezh in advance du if he agrees to put on independently.Life is imperfect I do not agree that every minute, every second it is necessary to concentrate on the child.

The offered

In most cases preschool children and younger school students spend summer together with the parents.And if you from dykhat near any reservoir, come to the rescue to the child teach him to swim.Are for this purpose necessary certain knowledge.The offered book will help you in it.Attentively study all exercises offered you, without making mistakes about which we will be you predupre to wait, and you teach the pupil to swim.With WHAT to BEGIN?


They also began to understand that sometimes the fault laid down on corporate public system which did harm to families and deprived of people of a real choice.Important public actions in support of flexible hours of work, guarantees of preservation of a workplace, an adequate leave allowance for care of the child gradually led to that young parents had a choice between full time and full implementation of parental responsibilities.More advanced countries, such as Sweden and Germany, responded to these problems, having provided more help to families and conditions for flexible hours of work to support young parents in their any choice.

Floor. Yes, with

The most

In this sense the most important resource which children need are a communication with parents.The most vazhkny that is necessary for children is to spend with them time.Therefore parents need to leave computer games and more deeply to plunge into that occupies the child.It is called as method of application or imposing when the attending physician at first tries to come in soprik !the kosnoveniye with taste of happiness, with a problem or sostoyakniy the patient and itself helps it to rise then to the highest happiness.

There are three

Here that, as for a basis of happiness and tranquillity of the girl who should wait.But the most important to experience, catch that mood more deeply, as if the girl wanted to feel in the presence of that person who would be her soulmate, would be her soulmate.There are three criteria, whether on which the man the loved one is defined, is or not.One of criteria is that the girl does not want anything to change in the life.She understands that the most important, the most significant, it to keep itself such how to eat and open itself even more.

Calling, and it was the young

I was absolutely young psychologist when one morning at my office at o'clock in the morning phone call was distributed.Calling, and it was the young woman, cried.At first I could not even understand who is she.But then sorted that she too the social worker and quite recently became the boy's mother.She called from the office.It was its first working day after fourmonths holiday on care of the newborn, and the young woman was strongly upset.It just, for the first time, left the boy in a day nursery in two miles from work.

To allow

Naprimer: That the child grew the happy Parent: Please, release.I am sure that it will give you to play when there is your turn and you ask.First child: Please, it is possible for me?Second child: Well possible version of the answer or I did not play enough yet more probable option.The behavior of parents in these cases can be various.To allow them to understand.Report arguing that, on va to shy opinion, children have to share, ask them to think, as they are able to do it, leave and pour to yourself a tea cup see.


Distinguish the moments and signs.Children can especially vyvo to dit from balance of change and transition periods, poskol ku at these moments that they considered as the acquaintance and be disappears spare, and their future seems to them not clear.All children need the help of adults in overcoming seriousness ny changes and crises, such as divorce, mourning or is accepted deniye in a foster home these rather frequent events in life of children are considered below in this chapter, and still most of children also needs support in cases, a cat ry are part of their daily occurrence.


+ the letter A has a daughter and.Finish.+ Find in the newspaper four words with letter and, lead round this word, vyrezh on a contour also paste in balls.Balls can be painted over.SOUNDS AND LETTERS OH, AND.+ Get up in front of the mirror.Progovari Wai of O, I, pay attention to lips.+ Listen and repeat: oh, io, iio.+ How many time is heard About: qq, io, aiya?+ How many time is heard And: ai, AI, io?+ we Print into the account of times!

As your kid will

As your kid will become is more selfassured more to trust you, he will begin to spend with pleasure kakoyeto time alone, physically separately from you, and thus not to a Torah to vozhitsya.It is important for its emotional development and will help you it is better for both to cope with situations when phone calls or on a plate water boils and you are compelled to put ego.That the child grew the happy In infancy the main thing to satisfy requirements the kid, but time when the kid is will come later to be awake and thus not to need in any the practical help when it is able simply naslazh to be given by rest.

In general, the person

Some deep memoirs from antecedents too take place.It is socalled love at first sight, which actually quite dangerous thing.In general, the person can possess all twenty six qualities of the Saint personality and thus at all not suit you and not to be harmonious in the relations with you most.Therefore the best criterion, the most unconditional, easy, beautiful, powerful, effective is to understand, blindly, as if you wanted to feel near that person who is dearest and close, the most significant, the most important in your life?


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